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TabletCAD demo program
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TabletCAD demo program
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TabletCAD demo program
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TabletCAD version 2.02 for HASP key TAQMK
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TabletCAD version 2.02 for HASP key DTCBO
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TabletCAD version 2.02
for HASP key XRDGQ
(older HASP key, programs sold before March 1999)



TabletCAD is a PC program for designing medicine tablets (CAD = Computer-Aided-Design). The program has twofold utility, firstly high quality technical drawings of the designed tablet may be produced automatically on a laser printer, using only tablet dimensions as input, and secondly tablet volume and surface area may be calculated from the dimensions of the tablet. The program can handle all common tablet shapes: 

  • round
  • capsule 
  • oval and modified oval 
  • triple-radius oval (simulates ellipse) 
  • square, rectangular and pillow 
  • diamond 
  • regular polygon 
  • triangle
  • heart

All shapes give the option of a bevel and all shapes except triangle, polygon and heart can have a bisect (breakline). There are 7 possible bisect types. The tablet cup may be flat or concave with single or double radius (except the last three shapes in the list above, where the cup is defined using single radius). 

An engraving for the tablet may be specified and drawn. The character set supported for engravings consists of A-Z, a-z 0-9 and a few symbols (+ - - / . × D ). The engravings along with dimensions and a cross section of the engraving cut are shown on the drawing. 

In the calculated volume and surface area, full account is taken of bisect(s) and the engravings. Once a tablet has been created, its specification may be saved to a file for later retrieval. Both millimetres and inches and both European and US paper sizes are supported On line help describing most of the program features is provided. The program is distributed with a comprehensive 40 page manual.

Distribution of TabletCAD

In America (North, South and Central), TabletCAD is distributed by

Natoli Engineering Company Inc.
28 Research Park Circle
St. Charles, Missouri 63304
Tel. (+1) 636-9268900
Fax (+1) 636-9268910
E-mail: sales att-sign

In Iceland TabletCAD is distributed by 

Saga Software
Vidihlid 3
IS-105 Reykjavik
Tel. +354 5701836 / +354 5881219
E-mail: sagasoftware att-sign

In remaining parts of the world TabletCAD is distributed by

Donsmark Process Technology A/S
Amalievej 20
1875 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Tel. (+45) 7025 4888
Fax (+45) 7025 8333
E-mail: donsmark-process att-sign


13 June 2003. Version 2.02h released. Adds a few minor bug-fixes. 17 Jan. 2002. Version 20.2g. Corrects a (minor) zero-pointer error. 13 Nov. 2000. Version 2.02f is now available. It and versions 2.02c-d incorporate a few minor corrections (see the readme file). 20. Sept. 1999. Version 2.02b is now available and includes support for displaying punch tip force in US tons as well as kN (kilo-Newtons). Note that there is a new form file field, {$forceunit}, that will cause the correct unit name to be printed on the technical drawings. If tons are used one must make certain that the text kN is not hardcoded in the form file. See the form files included with the new version to see how to use {$forceunit}. You will only need to make changes if you are using your own version of a form file from an earlier version of TabletCAD.
    There is also a new version of the demo program, where a small error has been corrected (in the options window it was not possible to go past the default form-file using the down arrow).

About Saga Software

Saga Software is a one-man company, started in 1993 by Kristjan Jonasson who is a mathematician (specializing in numerical analysis, numerical optimization and statistics). Apart from supporting and continuously developing TabletCAD, Kristjan currently teaches in the mathematics department of the University of Iceland. The main product of Saga Software is the TabletCAD program.