TF3HZ VLF Grabber in Reykjavik, Iceland HP94AD43OD

Wideband 0 - 48 kHz (updated every 15 min)
DK7FC E-field probe
Locked to GQD

8270Hz VLF section (updated every 60 min)

8270KHz DFCW-60000 (updated every 60 min)

Plot showing peak amplitude of signals from GQD and Alpha RSDN20 on 11.904761 kHz

Alpha RSDN20 on 11.904761 kHz

ZEVS on 82Hz morning

ZEVS on 82Hz evening

Capture Archive. Updated 23-1-14

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A special thank to Stefan DK7FC and Chris 4X1RF

Implemented with
DL4YHF Spectrum Lab