Icelandic Wool

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Characteristics of Icelandic Wool

Unique in its composition, Icelandic wool consists of two types of fibres:

Inner Fibres - Insulating:

Fine, soft, highly insulating.

Outer Fibres - Water-Repellent:

Long, glossy, water-repellent.

Together, these two distinctive fibres create a wool that is:

Lightweight - lighter than most other wools, keeps you warm and comfortable.

Water-repellent - repels rain and stays feeling dry.

Breathable - moisture passes through the fibres away

from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.

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Care instructions

Álafoss Lopi, Bulky Lopi and Létt-Lopi:
Handwash only in lukewarm water (30°C / 86°F).

Soak the garment in the suds for about 10 minutes,

then  rinse  thoroughly  in  lukewarm  water.

Do not rub or wring but gently squeeze the liquid through the garment.

If necessary, spin for about 1/2 minute to remove excess moisture.

Dry flat, smooth the arment out and pull gently into shape.


Garments knitted from Plötulopi are washed in the same way as garments

knitted from  Álafoss Lopi, Bulky Lopi or Létt-Lopi, except when washed

for  the  first  time  do  not   pre-soak  the  garment  in  the  suds.

Wash  the  garment  by  squeezing  the  suds  through  the

knitwear  then rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.


It is often enough to air a wollen garment thoroughly, rather than washing it. 

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